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Perfect supplement to add to your dog or cat’s diet.

100% natural and organic coconut.

The oil is not refined, deodorised, hardened or bleached. This preserves the intense flavour of the fresh coconut and its valuable properties. It should not be confused with palm or coconut oils, which are generally industrially processed, and, as a result, lose their valuable nutritional properties.

Coconut keeps bacteria away from dogs; it helps form red blood cells, minimises bad breath in dogs and much more.

It has numerous benefits for the skin, mouth, ears, eyes and for the digestive, metabolic, immune and musculoskeletal systems.

It can be used as a natural tick repellent on your pet’s coat. Experience has shown that it should be applied at least every two days, particularly on the legs, stomach, neck and head.

With dogs, coconut oil can be mixed with black cumin oil, which is also an effective insect repellent, then applied on the animal’s coat with a comb. 

For external use, heat up a tablespoon of the oil and apply it to the skin or rub it into the coat. This will make the skin softer and more flexible and make their coat shinier, making it easier to brush.

No preservatives or colourants.

It comes from the first cold pressing process on coconuts from certified organic farms in Sri Lanka. No monkeys are used to harvest the coconuts.

It is sourced from plantations that still use very traditional farming practices. The coconuts are opened by hand and processed manually before being pressed (no working monkeys are used). It cannot be guaranteed that 100% of the fibres will be removed from the skin, as is the case in processing plants. As a result, the smallest fibres from the coconut skin not removed during the filtration process may remain in the white coconut oil. These remnants usually just look like little dark spots at the bottom of the container. They do not represent a quality issue.

Size and breed of dog or cat: All

Easy storage at room temperature.

Content: 200 ML

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100% organic coconut oil with no additives. Lunderland brand

Coconut oil, suitable for internal and external use, is useful for healing wounds, eczema and fighting fungal infections. When massaged into the skin and coat, this oil gives off an unpleasant smell to ticks, mites and fleas, keeping these parasites away from your pet. It can also be used in cases of allergic skin reactions, itching or simply to enhance the beauty and shine of your dog or cat’s coat.

Also, thanks to its antibacterial action, it combats unpleasant mouth and body odours. When mixed in food, it can strengthen the immune system and prevent the formation of intestinal parasites such as worms.

If you wish to include this product in your dog’s diet, we recommend adding 1 g for every 10 kg of weight approximately.

If your dog has worms, give them 1 standard teaspoon (approx. 5 g) per 10 kg of body weight for 1 week, followed by a 1-week break, then repeat the treatment for 1 week. Coconut oil should be combined with other treatments to treat worms.

If used topically, we recommend heating the coconut oil (20-25 degrees). Simply spread it on your fingers and apply it directly to the affected areas. You can also use a spray bottle to spread the mixture lightly over the entire coat.

Saturated fatty acids: 93%

Unsaturated fatty acids: 7%

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