Homemade, healthy and delicious feed.
Natural food for Adult dogs CHICKEN GRAIN FREE Menu 5Kg View larger

Natural food for Adult dogs CHICKEN GRAIN FREE Menu 5Kg

67.65 € IVA incl.

Pack 5 bags x 1Kg

Delivery within a period of 48 / 72 h

  1. Put the recommended amount (see feeding guide) into a bowl
  2. Add hot water, half volume of water than product
  3. Mix well and wait 10 minutes

Feed once or twice per day and ideally at room temperature. 
Feeding requirements do differ depending on your pet's breed, age and activity level. If your pet is overweight or underweight then adjust the amount fed accordingly.

Dehydrated chicken breast 70%, dehydrated fruits and vegetables 11% (carrot, tomato, spinach, apple and cranberry), Wagyu fat 8%, Wagyu heart 5%, whole egg with shell 2%, salmon oil, seaweed, garlic powder, turmeric and rosemary extract.



Nutritional value: Energy value: 470kcal / 100g, Humidity: 12%, Gross Protein: 45%, Gross Fat: 12%, Gross Fiber: 2%, Inorganic Matter: 4.5%, Calcium: 1%, Phosphorus: 0.8%, Sodium : 0.25%

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