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Homemade, healthy and delicious feed.

Take care of your pet with natural dog food

comida natural para perrosThe feed has become popular as dog food since the late nineteenth century, but this does not imply that it is the most suitable way to feed them. It is a food, in many cases based on animal by-products, without moisture, so processed that causes the loss of natural nutrients, with added chemicals and meat products of low quality and unknown provenance.

To improve the food quality of the animals it is best to opt for a natural meal for dogs or BARF diet, from the English biologically appropriate raw food. The natural diet studies the feeding of animals in their wild habitat, imitating food by using natural and integral raw ingredients.

The dog is an omnivorous animal, with a carnivorous past, has a denture designed to tear meat and an intestine that prevents the flesh from rotting. Your proper diet is raw meat with some fruits and vegetables. Bone is also an indispensable element for its diet, both for its nutritional value and for its tooth-cleaning function.

The main benefit of a natural diet will be in the gastrointestinal functioning and its consequences will be multiple:

1. Improve the state of mind and vitality of the dog, will provide more energy from the nutrients of the natural food. Strengthens joints and bones, as a result will have less mineral loss in the bones and avoid arthritis.

2. Shiny and healthy hair, with a decrease of body odor and reduction of allergies in the skin.

3. Odor reduction and stool volume. Raw meat contains enzymes that cause better nutrient absorption and healthy digestive functioning.

4. Moisturizing with food avoids stress in the liver and kidneys. The digestion of dry food is slower and heavier, having to take care of the organism itself to hydrate food to absorb nutrients. If your pet vomits feed balls is due to lack of moisture and enzymes in the food.

5. Improving the immune system, the natural diet provides vitamins, minerals and necessary fatty acids.

6. By avoiding processed foods, the animal will not suffer from obesity. You will lose body fat and add muscle mass until you get your ideal weight.

7. Clean, healthy teeth will reduce bad breath. The idea that the feed balls help to remove the scale is false, and we can see it easily: Currently the vast majority of dogs feed on the basis of feed balls Why then is this high percentage of dogs with Tartar?

From AltuDog encourage you to encourage natural dog food for adults or puppies, if you have any questions you can contact us to solve it, our Veterinaro expert in nutrition will gladly attend you: vet@altudog.com

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