Homemade, healthy and delicious feed.

Dehydrated food for puppies

A complete, natural food for all breeds of pups up to the age of 10 months or pregnant animals.

Healthy, natural dog food processed in our own human food processing plant using ingredients that are fit for human consumption.

Wagyu beef Menu for puppies

Chicken breast Menu for puppies

Turkey breast Menu for puppies

Pork Menu for puppies

Lamb Recipe for puppies

Freeze Dried Salmon Recipe for puppies

White Fish Recipe for puppies

Wagyu beef GRAIN FREE Menu for puppies

Chicken breast GRAIN FREE Menu for puppies

Turkey breast GRAIN FREE Menu for puppies

Pork GRAIN FREE Menu for puppies

Lamb GRAIN FREE Recipe for puppies

Recetas personalizadas

Personalized Recipes

If your dog has some food intolerance, some allergies, or alfuna disease that prevents him from eating certain foods, and it is difficult for him to find a suitable diet, comtacte with us by sending an email to vet@altudog.comand our team of Veterinarians will prepare for your dog a personalized and balanced recipe, combining the natural ingredients and suitable for human consumption of which we currently have in our products.

Minimum order: 10kg of dehydrated product.

Feeding Guide

Here you can calculate the recommended daily allowance for your dog according to its current age and current weight, as well as the amount of dehydrated food you will need per month. The indicated daily allowance of AltuDog food may vary depending on the metabolism and activity level of your dog. Watch his/her weight to see if you have to raise or lower the daily allowance.

Calculate the daily allowance of AltuDog for your dog according to his age and current weight

Puppy: Less than 1 year
Recommended Daily Allowance
Kg needed per month

We recommend dividing the daily allowance into two meals in the case of adults and in three meals in the case of puppies.

Depending on the recipe you choose, prices may vary from 12.45€/kg to 14.85€/kg. You can see the different recipes and prices here.

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