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Homemade, healthy and delicious feed.
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100% Churpi stick, 1U

4.94 € IVA incl.

The perfect snack, 100% natural and healthy. Very low in fat!

A 100% natural toothbrush. Nibbling Churpi is beneficial for the oral health of the dog because of its abrasion effect and its content in Vitamin D and Calcium, it keeps the teeth and gums healthy and strong, as well as prevents the formation of plaque and tartar.

1 piece approximately 12cm long and 2cm wide.

Hardness: high (It is extremely hard because it dries in the sun and smokes for weeks, at more than 4500 meters in height) / Dog size: all / Duration: very long

Grain free. Hypoallergenic and easy to digest.

Only Yak milk, and nothing else. No added dyes or preservatives. Handcrafted following the ancient recipe of the Himalayas, in a natural environment, away from any environmental pollution, with milk from animals that graze freely.

The lactose is virtually eliminated naturally during its unique manufacturing process, and therefore is not indigestible.

Convenient storage at room temperature.

The correct way to eat Churpi: The dog nibbles and licks the bar patiently consuming it little by little.

Once it is about to finish and is difficult to handle by the dog, it can be heated in the microwave for a few seconds to obtain a crunchy ball that will also serve as a treat or snack.

Quantity: 1 unit.

Delivery 3-5 workdays

99% Yak bovine milk, lime juice and salt from the Himalayas. 100% healthy

Protein: 65%

Fat: 0.9%

Ash: 6.6%

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