Homemade, healthy and delicious feed.
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Dried Soles 100g

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The perfect snack for dogs and cats!

Sole is one of the lowest fish in calories and fats. Thanks to its high protein content and large amounts of iodine, zinc and minerals, this snack complements perfectly the nutrition of your dog.


Free of dyes and preservatives.

Suitable for dogs with sensitive stomachs.

For dogs with food allergies.

Easily digestible.

Rich in OMEGA-3 fatty acids.

Low in fat.

Recommended feeding: Several times a week depending on the size of the dog.

Net weight: 100g

Delivery 3-5 workdays

100% dehydrated sole. An ideal alternative to any commercial prize.

Gros Protein:63,1%

Gros Fat: 4,2%

Ashes: 12,9%

Moisture: max 12%

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