Joints and bones

Hydrolyzed collagen, 100g
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Joints and bones

Chondroitin, 100g

100% natural supplement for dogs and cats. Origin: 100% beef cartilage, rich in glycosaminoglycans (especially chondroitin sulfate and hyaluronan) and type II collagen (collagen peptides derived from cartilage). Recommended for the treatment of osteoarthritis, arthritis and dysplasia. Together with type I collagen (collagen hydrolysate), green lipped...
Calcium Citrat, 300g Calcium Citrat, 300g 2
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Joints and bones

MSM, 150g

100% Methylsulfonylmethane, powder and without additional additives Made in the United States, it comes from natural sources (wood fibers), is highly purified by multiple distillation and has excellent bioavailability of the sulfur compounds contained. Sulfur is one of the most common elements in the body of humans and animals.For example, it plays an...
Vaso medidor AltuDog
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Joints and bones

Measuring spoon for supplements

Measuring spoon for supplements, oils and powders. MEASUREMENTS: Salmon oil.- 1/2: 2.5ml - Full spoon: 5ml Powdered Green Lip Mussel.- 1/2: 2 g - Full spoon: 4 g Bio Spirulina.- 1/2: 2 g - Complete spoon: 4 g Brewer's yeast.- 1/2: 2 g - Complete spoon: 4 g Bio Rosehip Shell - 1/2: 2 g - Full spoon: 4 g Collagen.- 1/2: 1,5g - Full spoon: 3g Chondroitin.-...
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