Calcium Citrat, 300g

Calcium citrate, 300 g

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100% natural supplement for cats and dogs.

Calcium citrate is the calcium salt of citric acid. Due to its acidic properties, this calcium product supports stomach acid functions, making it particularly suitable for raw homemade diets or as part of a diet for animals with insufficient stomach acid.

Even with kidney or urinary tract diseases that require a low phosphorus content in the diet, calcium citrate is recommended because it contains no phosphorus.

The powder is highly compatible and bioavailable (570.5 g/mol). As such, it is the perfect food supplement for calcium deficiency.

Calcium supports dental and bone health, muscle function, the nervous system and blood formation in the body.

Puppies and pregnant or nursing dogs have a higher need for calcium.

Store in a cool, dark and dry place.

Content 300 g powder

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100% calcium citrate, powdered and with no additives. Lunderland brand

Recommended daily amount: The average calcium requirement of a healthy adult dog is equivalent to 250 mg calcium citrate per 1 kg body weight.

To neutralise excess phosphorous in fresh meat, you need approximately:

1 kg veal heart: approx. 11.5 g calcium citrate

1 kg veal or fat: approx. 12 g calcium citrate

1 kg beef: approx. 9.5 g calcium citrate

1 kg beef green tripe: approx 2 g calcium citrate

Calcium: 21.5%

Phosphorus: 0%

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