Cubitos de pechuga de pollo deshidratada

Defatted and dehydrated chicken legs

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100% natural chicken legs defatted and dehydrated at low temperature to preserve their properties.

Natural source of calcium, chondroprotectors and glucosamine, a vital nutrient for joint health, as well as being rich in collagen.

It acts as a natural toothbrush, so it will help your dog keep strong and clean teeth.

Very low in fat. Very light, perfect for overweight dogs.

NO additives, preservatives or dyes.

The perfect snack between hours for puppies, adults and senior.

15 minutes of chewing a day help your dog fight moments of stress or boredom, as well as being one of his vital needs.

Texture: fluffy.

Approximate size from 10 to 15cm.

CE quality certificate in accordance with European regulations.

Store at room temperature.

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ingredientes primera categoríaSin conservantes ni colorantesAlimento deshidratado baja temperatureaNo contiene sub productos animalesHipoalergenicoSin gluten

100% defatted and dehydrated chicken legs. A healthy alternative to any commercial prize.

Small dogs: dose  for several days.

Medium or large dogs: We can give it to them until they finish it.

We always recommend giving all snacks under supervision. When the size of the snack is small, we recommend removing it if there is a risk that the dog swallows it without chewing.

Protein 58%

Fat 7%

Ash 4%

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