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Perfect supplement to sprinkle on the diet of your dog or cat, with organic certificate!

One of the excellent properties of spirulina and chlorella is its odor neutralizing effect. In animals with odor in the fur or bad breath without a medical case, spirulina / Chlorella can be a very good alternative to commercial chlorophyll pastes. Above all, it is recommended because it is not mixed with preservatives.

Spirulina is grown in lakes or freshwater plants with pH values ​​between 8 and 10.

In the metabolism, it is known for its anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant effects and its help to the immune system. It also counteracts hyperacidity. Its iodine content is low, so it can be given to animals with thyroid problems.

It contains up to 70% of high quality and easily digestible proteins with almost all essential amino acids. Therefore, it is ideal as an energy supplier for animals with high activity demands.

Spirulina platensis is not an algae as such, but is among the so-called blue bacteria. Its cells have no cell nucleus and the cell envelope is so soft that nutrients, vitamins and minerals abundant in the dog's body can be easily absorbed through the intestine.

No added dyes or preservatives.

Size and breed dog or cat: All

Store in a fresh and dry place.

Net weight package: 100g

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ingredientes primera categoríaSin conservantes ni colorantesAlimento deshidratado baja temperatureaNo contiene sub productos animalesHipoalergenicoSin gluten

100% BIO Spirulina. 100% healthy

Treatment for about 12 weeks:

For cats: 0.5 grams daily

For small dogs: half a teaspoon of dessert (1.25g) daily

For medium and large dogs: 1 teaspoon rasa de postre (2.5g) daily

Always mix with food.


You can give up to half a teaspoon of dessert for every 10Kg of weight once or twice a week.

Protein: 69%

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