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Orders for in-stock items should be delivered within 2-3 working days after the order is shipped in mainland Spain, whereas deliveries to the Canary Islands and Ceuta will take 5 to 7 working days. Outside of Spain, delivery takes between 3 and 5 working days after the order is shipped.

This period may be longer in periods such as Black Friday, Christmas or specific promotions without the user having the right to claim compensation for the delay.


In accordance with the provisions of the Spanish Law on Information-Society Services and Electronic Commerce and in application of our personal data security policy, established in accordance with RD 994/1999, we inform you that the company Altudog, S.L.U. has its registered office in Finca Santa Rosalía sn, c.p. 09117, Vizmalo, Burgos, Spain. Its VAT number is B-09566852.
Users may send their requests, questions and complaints by the following means:
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• By phone: (+34) 682 913 792

Terms and Conditions of Use and Purchase

Terms and Conditions of Use and Purchase

(hereinafter “Terms and Conditions”)
Updated January 2021


Altudog S.L. (hereinafter, “Altudog”) is a Spanish company, with VAT number B09566852 and registered in the Mercantile Register of Burgos in volume 693, book 484, folio 162, page BU-15919, Inscription 1 and with registered office at Finca Santa Rosalía sn, 09117 Vizmalo (Burgos) - Spain-


To contact Altudog’s customer service, please go to the contact section of the website and follow the instructions. Its telephone number is + 34 682 913 792 and its email address is



1.1.- Altudog owns the website (hereinafter, the “Website”), which is a web platform through which consumer products are marketed.

1.2.-The Terms and Conditions described below govern the conditions of use and access to the Website by any visitor (hereinafter, “Users”) and the purchase of products offered by Altudog on the Website (hereinafter, “Product” or “Products”) by any User through the Website (hereinafter, “Customer”).

1.3.- To acquire the status of Customer and therefore acquire the Products, Users of the Website must complete an identification and registration form, accepting these Terms and Conditions and following the instructions that will be received through the Website itself.

1.4.- Altudog operates and delivers throughout Spain, covering mainland Spain, the Balearic and Canary Islands, and Ceuta, with the exception of Melilla, as well as European Union countries such as Portugal (excluding islands), France, Italy, Germany, Luxembourg, Belgium, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Slovakia, Slovenia and Austria (hereinafter the “Territory”).



2.1.- The Customer and the Altudog User agree to make appropriate and lawful use of the Website in accordance with applicable law and these Terms and Conditions.

2.2.- Misuse of the Website is prohibited. The Customer and/or User must, among other things, refrain from:

  1.     Committing crimes, or encouraging others to do so.
  2.     Introducing or spreading computer viruses, or posting offensive or obscene material.
  3.     Hacking aspects of the Website service.
  4.     Corrupting the data that appears on the Website.
  5.     Sending unsolicited advertising or promotional materials (“spam”).

2.3.- Altudog shall not be liable for the Website being unavailable at any time.

2.4.- The Website may also contain links to other websites that are not operated by Altudog (hereinafter “Other Websites”). Altudog has no control over the Other Websites and is not responsible for the content of Other Websites or any damage that may arise from your use thereof. Nonetheless, Altudog reserves the right to remove such links if it becomes known that any irregularity or illegality is being committed on the linked site.



3.1.- The User’s use and accessing of the Website implies the acceptance of these Terms and Conditions. Likewise, in order to purchase any of the products offered by Altudog, users must complete a form with their identification details expressly accepting these Terms and Conditions and the Privacy and Cookies Policy. If the User has any questions regarding these Terms and Conditions, they may contact the Company using the Identification Details mentioned in these Terms and Conditions.

3.2.- Altudog reserves the right to modify the content of the Terms and Conditions at any time. In any case, this will not affect the Customer or the User, who will be subject to the Terms and Conditions in force on the Website at the time of purchasing the Products or at the time of use and access.

3.3.- The legal relationship arising from the accessing and use of the Website has an indefinite duration. Notwithstanding the aforementioned, either party may terminate the contractual relationship at any time. In the event that Altudog modify the Terms and Conditions, the legal relationship will be terminated and will imply that the Customer or User must adhere to the new Terms and Conditions, as applicable.

3.4.- The contract may be formalised in any of the languages in which the Terms and Conditions are available on the Website, according to the Customer’s preference.



4.1.- Altudog undertakes to make available to the Customer and/or User all the necessary information relating to the Products offered as well as finalised orders. Altudog shall not be liable for the temporary non-fulfilment of these Terms and Conditions in the event of force majeure or in the event of the Customer’s fault or an unforeseeable event by a third party to the contract.

4.2.- The Customer and/or User undertakes to fill in the order forms and any other forms truthfully and according to the instructions indicated. The Customer also agrees to pay the price of the Product, with the corresponding taxes and shipping costs, always in accordance with the final offer received by Altudog.

4.3.- We recommend you keep a copy of the information regarding to the purchased Products. Altudog will not be liable for any consequences or damages resulting from the loss of the above information by the Customer.

4.4.- Altudog will not be liable for any consequences or damages that may result from the improper use of the Products sold through the Website.



5.1.- Altudog provides a detailed description of the Products included on the Website in accordance with the necessary technical descriptions. It also includes information relating to the brand name of the Products in order to provide as much information as possible to the Customer and/or User. This description may include photographs, videos or illustrations that, although indicative, are in no way exhaustive and as such Altudog is not responsible for any errors that may arise therefrom.

5.2.- The offers published on the Website include a detailed description of the conditions of the offer, including its duration, number of units available, price and information relating to the Product.

5.3.- Please read the Product descriptions carefully before deciding to purchase them. If you have any doubts, please contact us before making the purchase.



6.1.- In order to place an order, the Customer must be at least 18 years of age and reside in the Territory.

6.2.- The User can register on the Website using the section “Create an Account”. To do so, you must enter the compulsory personal data. This registration will provide the User with access to the Website and to the purchase of products.

6.3.- The placing of the order is comprised of the selection of one or several articles and by clicking on the “Add to cart” button they will be added to the “My cart” section of the virtual-shopping process. Once all the desired articles have been added to the cart, the user must access the cart, review the articles and the number of units, select the preferred type of delivery and click on “Process Purchase”. Subsequently, the User may choose between “Buy as a Guest” (if they have not previously registered on the Website), where they must fill in their personal, delivery and payment-method details. The User may also complete the purchase process by clicking “Go to my account”, in which cause they will not have to fill in their personal details again. In both cases, the purchase process is finalised by selecting the “Buy Now” button.

6.4.- All orders are subject to our acceptance. Within 24 hours of placing the order, we will send you an email confirming that the contract has been concluded (hereinafter, “Order Confirmation”), provided that the Customer has provided us with their email address in their personal-data form. Altudog cannot be held responsible for any errors or failures of the email address provided by the Customer and/or User for the delivery of the Order Confirmation.



7.1.- Cancellation. An order can be cancelled free of charge as long as it is still in Altudog’s facilities. In this case, the refund will be made through the same payment method used and at no additional cost.

7.2.- Additional items. Items can be added to an order as long as it has not been shipped and is logistically possible. The Customer will pay the amount corresponding to the changes.

7.3.- Removing items. Items can be removed to an order as long as it has not been shipped and is logistically possible. The refund will be made through the same payment method used to purchase.

In the event of changes to an order, the total amount may also change and may be subject to an additional shipping charge if the stipulated minimum is not reached, or said costs may b cancelled if the new total amount is equal to or greater than the minimum indicated on the website.


All orders are subject to Product availability. It is possible that certain Products may be out of stock or deteriorated, or may not be of the expected quality, among other things. In these cases, the customer will be informed and alternative products will be proposed or the order will be cancelled. The resulting amount will be refunded within a maximum of 14 days. The refund of these amounts will represent the limit of our liability towards the Customer, if it is impossible for us to supply the Products ordered.



9.1.- The prices of the Products indicated on the Website include the applicable VAT in accordance with the legislation in force at the time of purchase, but do not include shipping costs.

9.2.- Shipping costs are to be paid by the Customer, unless otherwise stated, are defined during the purchase process and are listed separately from the price of the Product. However, once they are known, the User may cancel the order at no cost. The total price to be paid will be the sum of the shipping costs and the amount of the Product, which will be shown to the Customer prior to finalising the contract.

9.3.- In the purchase process the Customer will accept the total price when they click on the “Buy Now” button.

9.4.- We reserve the right to charge the order from the delivery of the Order Confirmation.



10.1.- Altudog offers Customers four payment methods:

- Payment by credit/debit card or Bizum:

In the case of payment by credit card, the Customer’s order will not be processed until the payment has been authorised by their bank. Online payments by credit card are processed through the “Secure Socket Layer” security system, which encrypts bank details sent over the Internet. For security reasons, Altudog verifies all orders paid by card. We accept Maestro cards and any Visa and Mastercard cards registered with the Verified by Visa secure-payment system. In addition, for any order whose amount exceeds a rate set by Altudog, the Customer will be asked for an identity document which must be sent to us at the email address indicated in our contact details.

- Bank-transfer payment:

The Customer must make a bank transfer to the account indicated. Upon finalising the order, the Customer will receive an automatic email with the details of the bank account to which the payment must be made. The Customer must indicate the reference number provided upon finalising the order as the transfer reference. If this reference number is not included, the order will be cancelled and the money will be refunded within a maximum of 14 calendar days.

- Payment by PayPal:

PayPal allows you to pay directly without communicating your financial data on the Internet. It automatically encrypts confidential data with the help of the best technologies available on the market.

10.2.- In the event that the purchase has been made by an end consumer or a company, the corresponding invoice can be requested through the contact section of the website, once the order has been received, indicating the invoicing data. The Customer authorises us to issue the invoice in electronic format.



11.1.- Altudog will deliver the Products to the Customer at the shipping address stated in the personal data form provided by the Customer, which must be within the Territory.

11.2.- Days are understood to be working days, excluding Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays. If for any reason attributable to Altudog this period is exceeded, we will inform the Customer of the incident and suggest an alternative solution.

11.3.- The estimated delivery date is the date indicated on the website, within each Product file. This is an indicative date as it may vary depending on the availability of the Product, as well as the transport service chosen. This date may also be altered in the event of an incident regarding product stock or with the transport service. In either case, a solution will be sought for the Customer.

11.4.- Shipping costs are free as long as this is informed at the time of the order’s placement or once the discounts (coupons, campaigns and promotions) have been applied. Once payment has been made, it is not possible to modify the transport service.

11.5.- The Customer undertakes to ensure that they or another designated person are at the address indicated to receive the package. If they are not present upon the first delivery attempt, one additional attempt will be made. If the order still cannot be delivered, it will be returned to us, with the consequent refund to the Customer of the payment made minus the cost of returning the Products, which will be borne by the Customer, as will the cost of a second shipment if applicable. If the weight or volume of the shipment, or the functional characteristics of the property, do not allow the carrier to deliver to the specified address, delivery will be made at the street entrance.

11.6.- In any case, delivery will be made within a maximum period of 30 days from the conclusion of the contract.

11.7.- Product risk will be transferred when the Customer comes into material possession of the Product.

11.8.- The Customer acquires ownership of the Products when Altudog receives full payment for the order placed.

11.9.- The cost of customs duties will be borne by the Customer, as these are taxes of the country of receipt and these costs are not related to our sales service.



12.1.- All Altudog Products come with the legally required warranty. We undertake to replace the Product with a new one or make the corresponding refund if any Products suffer from a manufacturing defect within one (1) year from delivery of the Product, although proof of the defect must be provided in accordance with the provisions of paragraph 12.5. In this case, all costs of returning the Product and shipping the new or repaired Product will be paid by Altudog.

12.2.- Unless proven otherwise, delivery will be considered made on the day shown on the invoice or on the delivery note, whichever comes later.

12.3.- In order for the warranty to be effective, the proof of purchase must be presented within the established legal period.

12.4.- The consumer must inform us of the non-conformity of the Product within 2 months of becoming aware of this, by email or calling the telephone number provided in the Identification Details section of these Terms and Conditions.

12.5.- In the absence of proof to the contrary, it will be presumed that any non-conformity that becomes apparent within six months from the delivery of the Product already existed when the item was delivered, except where this presumption is incompatible with the nature of the Product or the non-conformity. From the sixth month onwards, we will proceed in the same way, although there will be no presumption of the product’s defect and this must be proven by the User and/or Customer.

12.6.- The Products conform to contract and, as such, Altudog will not be liable for non-conformity when the Products included on the Website:

a) Conform to the description provided and possess the Product qualities as presented.

b) Are suitable for the uses that Products of the same type are normally used.

c) Are suitable for any special use required by the consumer and user when they have made this known to the seller at the time of finalising the contract.

d) Have the usual quality and performance of a Product of the same type that the consumer and user can reasonably expect, taking into account the nature of the Product.

12.7.- Altudog will not be liable for any non-conformity that the Customer was aware of or could not have been unaware of at the time of finalising the contract.

12.8.- The Customer may demand the repair of the Product, its replacement, a price reduction or the termination of the contract if the Product does not conform to the contract. Repair and replacement will be free of charge for the Customer, including shipping costs and costs related to labour and materials. In the event that the Customer exercises their right to repair or replacement, Altudog will provide the Customer with a receipt stating the date of delivery and the non-conformity that has caused the exercise of this right. The refund or replacement of the Product will be made as soon as possible and, in any event, no later than 14 days from the date on which Altudog contacts the Customer confirming that the refund or replacement of the non-conforming Product will proceed.

12.9.- The price reduction will be proportional to the difference between the value of the Product at the time of delivery. The Customer will not be able to demand replacement in the case of non-expendable Products.

12.10.- The warranty does not include damage caused by negligence, blows, improper use or handling, unsuitable voltage, electrical accidents, installation and/or use not in accordance with the instructions for use or not carried out by the authorised technical service where appropriate, nor perishable materials or Products, subject to wear and tear from normal or consumable use. Likewise, Altudog will not be liable for any non-conformity that the User was aware of or could not have been unaware of at the time of finalising the contract.

12.11.- The following are excluded from the warranty:

a) Products that have been modified or repaired by the Customer or by any person other than the supplier or manufacturer.

b) If the details of the Product’s warranty or the proof of purchase have been modified or altered.

c) Food, beverages, cleaning and personal-hygiene products.

d) Goods that may deteriorate or expire rapidly.

e) Any other goods if the Customer does not have proof of purchase.



13.1.- Right of withdrawal. The Customer has the right to withdraw from this contract within fourteen (14) calendar days without having to provide justification.

The withdrawal period will expire fourteen (14) calendar days after the Customer or a third party indicated by the Customer, other than the courier, acquired material possession of the products, or in the event that the Customer’s order is composed of several products delivered separately, fourteen (14) calendar days after the Customer or a third party indicated by the Customer, other than the courier, acquired material possession of the last product.

13.2.- Notifications. The Customer may exercise the right of withdrawal by notifying Altudog S.L. at the address Finca Santa Rosalia sn, 09117 Vizmalo (Burgos) - Spain, or by telephone on +34 682 913 792, informing us of their decision to withdraw from the contract through an unambiguous statement, or they can send an unambiguous statement by email to: or by visiting the “Contact” section of the Website. If you make use of this option, we will inform you without delay via a suitable medium (e.g. by email) of the receipt of such withdrawal.

To comply with the withdrawal period, it will be sufficient for the communication relating to the exercise of said right to be delivered before the corresponding period expires.

13.3.- Consequences of withdrawal. In the event of withdrawal by the Customer, we shall refund all payments received from you, including the costs of delivery (the sole exception being the additional costs arising from your choice of a mode of delivery other than the least expensive mode of standard delivery offered at any given time on the website) without undue delay and, in any event, no later than 14 calendar days from the date on which we are informed of your decision to withdraw from this contract. We will proceed to issue the refund using the same means of payment used by you for the initial transaction. You will not incur any charges as a result of the refund. Notwithstanding the foregoing, we may withhold the refund until we have received the goods back, or until you have provided proof of return of the goods, whichever occurs first.

The Customer must return the Products to Altudog S.L. at Finca Santa Rosalia sn, 09117 Vizmalo (Burgos) - Spain, without undue delay and in any event no later than 14 calendar days from the date on which you communicate to us your decision to withdraw from the contract. The deadline shall be deemed to have been met if you return the goods before this period has expired.


The Customer will bear the direct cost of returning the goods and will be solely responsible for the decrease in value of the products resulting from the products being handled in any way other than that necessary to establish the nature, characteristics and operation of the goods.

13.4.- How to return a Product. In order to return the Products correctly, you must follow these guidelines:

  1. The Products must be returned in their original box/packaging. If this is not possible, use a box of the same quality.
  2. The Products must not have been used in such a way that their value is reduced or impaired.
  3. The Products must be accompanied by the delivery note with the reason for the return handwritten for a correct and rapid return.
  4. Upon arrival at our warehouse, we will assess the condition of the Products. If they do not comply with the indicated regulations and conditions established for returns and their condition is not correct, we reserve the right to pay a lower amount for the damaged Product or Products.

13.5.- Products excluded from the right of withdrawal.. Food, beverages, cleaning and personal-hygiene Products are excluded from the right of withdrawal. The following are also excluded:

  1. Personalised items.
  2. Goods that may deteriorate or expire rapidly.
  3. Sealed goods that may not be returned for health and hygiene reasons and which have been unsealed after delivery.



All reviews written by Customers are monitored by the marketing team. If the reviews received breach or may breach the law, ethics or morality (abusive advertising, defamation, insults, comments out of context, etc.), Altudog reserves the right to refuse or delete such reviews.



The company guarantees users of the website that it complies with the Spanish Organic Law on Data Protection and Guarantee of Digital Rights, and that it has established the security measures required by laws and regulations aimed at preserving the secrecy, confidentiality and integrity in processing personal data.

Said personal data will be used in the manner and with the limitations and rights granted by personal-data protection.

The purpose for the collecting and processing the personal data requested is: customer service, both administrative and marketing. Legitimate basis: The legal basis for processing your personal data is the consent you give by accepting this Privacy Policy before sending/providing us with your data. Recipients: your data will not be communicated to any third party, unless you are expressly informed of this or there is a legal obligation.  Altudog, S.L. undertakes to keep the maximum discretion, secrecy and confidentiality of the personal data that it has at its disposal. Duration: Your data will be stored for the minimum time necessary to satisfy the purpose for which it was provided, as well as to respond to the responsibilities that may arise from the data provided and any other legal requirement. Rights: The data subject hold the rights of access, rectification, erasure, limitation and objection to the processing of their personal data, as well as the right to portability thereof. Likewise, the data subject may at any time withdraw the consent given without this affecting the lawfulness of the processing, and may also appealing to the competent supervisory authority (AEPD).



16.1.- “Altudog “ is a trademark registered by the European Union Intellectual Property Office and as such, any use thereof or of any similar identifying sign that may cause confusion regarding their origin or ownership by third parties without prior express permission is prohibited.

16.2.- The Website altudog.comis a domain registered by Altudog. Likewise, the Intellectual Property rights relating to the software and content of the Website belong to Altudog or its licensors.

16.3.- Therefore, the reproduction of all or part of the Website is expressly prohibited. Nor is it permitted to publish, manipulate or distribute the content of the Website without the express authorisation of Altudog or the legitimate owner, if applicable.



17.1.- These Terms and Conditions and any question relating to their interpretation, compliance or non-compliance are governed by Spanish Law, without prejudice to the application of EU regulations and international treaties, where appropriate.

17.2.- The contracts entered into between Altudog and Users and/or Customers will be deemed to be concluded in the place where Altudog has its residence, which is the jurisdiction of the province of Burgos, Spain.



18.1.- All promotions and coupons have an expiry date of one week if the promotion does not specify otherwise.

18.2.- Promotions in the form of discount coupons will always be applied solely and exclusively on the value of the Product (VAT not included), never on the shipping costs.

18.3.- Promotions in the form of discount coupons will always have a minimum amount to be consumed. In the event that this is not specified, the amount will be calculated at €60 for all promotions.

18.4.- Altudog reserves the right to cancel a promotion for any person who makes improper use thereof, or that acquires several units from the promotion under different identities.

18.5.- Only one discount voucher may be used per purchase. The coupons cannot be used in conjunction with other promotions such as offers, discounts or other promotional campaigns.

18.6.- Once the order has been paid for, it is not possible to add, delete or modify the coupons.



If you wish to speak to our After-Sales and Customer Service Department, you can send us a message through the Contact Form, in the “Contact us” option on the Website.

You can also use our contact details indicated in these Terms and Conditions to lodge your complaints and claims.

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