Natural Wagyu bone broth 450ml

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Bone broth with natural ingredients for cats and dogs.

Ideal for hydrating AltuDog meals.

Beef consommé with 24 hours of cooking. Energy food for dogs and cats that need a boost of strength or have joint problems.

In addition, it is ideal to provide enough fluids to our dogs. So much flavor motivates even the worst drinker. Just put a tablespoon of bouillon in the bowl of water!

Preparation: energy soup that is cooked for more than 24 hours using the best ingredients and beef bones provides valuable nutrients such as trace elements, glycosaminoglycans and collagen.

Content: 450 ml

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ingredientes primera categoríaSin conservantes ni colorantesAlimento deshidratado baja temperatureaNo contiene sub productos animalesHipoalergenicoSin gluten

Ingredients: Energetic meat soup made from: water, wagyu beef bones, wagyu beef liver, carrots and apple cider vinegar.

Recommended dose to hydrate AltuDog:

Half the volume of broth than dehydrated food.

Recommended dose for individual use as an extra energy supply:

Dogs <20 kg: 1/2 to 1 glass a day

Dogs> 20 kg: 1 to 2 glasses a day

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