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Measuring spoon for supplements

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Measuring spoon for supplements, oils and powders.


Salmon oil.- 1/2: 2.5ml - Full spoon: 5ml

Powdered Green Lip Mussel.- 1/2: 2 g - Full spoon: 4 g

Bio Spirulina.- 1/2: 2 g - Complete spoon: 4 g

Brewer's yeast.- 1/2: 2 g - Complete spoon: 4 g

Bio Rosehip Shell - 1/2: 2 g - Full spoon: 4 g

Collagen.- 1/2: 1,5g - Full spoon: 3g

Chondroitin.- 1/2: 2 g - Complete spoon: 4 g

Calcium Citrate.- 1/2: 1g - Full spoon: 2g

MSM.- 1/2: 2.5g - Full spoon: 5g

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